1. Get your locks trimmed just before you go

If you don’t get rid of broken ends in advance, the effects of the sun and sea will make splits travel further and faster. Taking off all the dead ends will help seal your hair against damage and also make it much easier to manage while you’re away.

2. Colour at least 2 weeks before your holiday

Don’t book a last minute colour appointment – hair colourants damage the surface of your hair and the last thing it needs is for you to go sit in the sunshine. Book your colour service at least 2 weeks before you go away to give your hair a break and use a Colour Locking System to close down your cuticle, seal the follicle and protect your hair from harsh conditions – allowing your colour to last up to 30% longer.

Eufora Colour Locking System - £30.15

Eufora Colour Locking System £30.15

3. Strengthen hair ready for the sunshine

If your hair is packed with moisture, it’ll absorb fewer drying and discolouring minerals from the swimming pool water. Add in a good treatment mask to your regime and try to lay off dehydrating heat styling in the run-up to your holiday.

Eufora Moisture Masque £29.40

Eufora Moisture Masque

4. Top knot for the pool

Catherine Harbour

Catherine Harbour

A top knot is the perfect pool-side hair style. You can keep water out of your hair if you’re doing a lazy breast stroke, but it won’t collapse if you get it wet, plus it looks elegant in holiday photos as it elongates your neck.

Eufora Elevate Hairspray

Eufora Uplift Hairspray £18.85

To do it, tip your head upside and spray with Eufora Uplift Hairspray, just £18.85, to help you scoop up all the hair, put it all into a ‘pineapple’ on top of your head and secure with a band, but don’t pull it too tight or it’ll give you a headache. Then twist it round and until it folds in on itself, pin with three kirby grips and spray one last time.

5. Bring your own products

Never rely on hotels to supply you with decent hair products. Always pack a quality shampoo and conditioner – go for a moisturing formula or one for coloured hair. Luckily for you, Moisture Intense Shampoo & Conditioner by Eufora is both moisturising, colour safe and puts you in control of coarse, curly, frizzy and damaged hair. Delivers soft, smooth and moisturised hair that is resilient to breakage.

Eufora Moisture Intense Conditioner £23.00

Eufora Moisture Intense Conditioner

Eufora Moisture Intense Shampoo £21.85

Eufora Moisture Intense Shampoo


Products: Eufora
All of the hair care products mentioned are available to purchase at any Feathers hair salon.

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