6 Tips for Beautiful Healthy Hair

Beautiful hair – with everything we do to our hair from heated styling, chemical processing, UV light and chlorinated water exposure to tying it up – our hair goes through a lot. Is it any wonder that at times it looks less than the beautiful shiny mane hair dreams are made of?

Hair is remarkably strong – a single healthy strand could hold 100g in weight and can stretch up to 30% of its length when wet before it breaks.

Over a period of time, our actions can weaken this strength. Whilst there are ways to repair some of the damage created to your hair over time, prevention is the key when it comes to preserving beautiful healthy locks. We share a few tips for keeping your hair nourished, healthy and breakage-free:

1. Regular trims

For girls trying to grow their hair, this might sound like the last thing you want. The truth, however, is that if hair is left untrimmed, the ends become straggly and uneven. This leaves the ends of the hair vulnerable to splitting and breaking. A conservative centimetre trim once every couple of months is better than losing indiscriminate length through breakage. If the ends are left to become straggly and thin, the simple act of brushing or even running your hands through your hair are enough to cause breakage. If you have ever heard anyone complaining that they think their hair is getting shorter not longer – this could be so if the ends are breaking off every time the hair is brushed.

2. Turn down the heat

You may love the dramatic poker straight look, or the voluminous and bouncy curls so popular right now, but what’s important is that your hair is protected from the heat needed to create these looks. Whilst, of course, you should always put a heat protector on your hair before heat styling (We love Eufora’s Thermal Defence Prep!), temperature-adjustable stylers are a great choice. Finer hair will generally require less heat than thick, dense hair, and buying stylers that cater for this ensure that your hair is getting no more heat than needed!

3. The right home care

First off, ensure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. When you come to shampoo your locks, use the right amount. Too much or too harsh shampoo can lead to less than perfect results. Also, if you tend to suffer with dry, brittle ends, ensure that you leave your conditioner on 3-5 minutes. We call this travel time, giving your conditioner time to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit the nutrients. (Ask your stylist for tips on shampooing and conditioning your hair for best results)

4. Be kind to your hair

How you put your hair up can cause weakness…choose your hair tie carefully so you don’t have a ring of damage where you constantly secure the same area of hair. Don’t leave your hair under traction or pull too tightly. Also brush and comb carefully. Gently remove tangles with a wide-tooth comb, or specially designed brush (we prefer the award winning WET BRUSH, with all the colours and designs to choose from – what’s not to love) starting at your ends and gradually working up towards the roots.

5. Sun protection

Just as you protect your skin from UV damage do the same for your hair. By stepping out without protection you’re putting your hair at risk of fading, moisture loss and overall distress. This leaves strands dull and dehydrated which can cause splitting and breakage. Longer term it gives hair premature ageing – weird we know, but hair does age, often recognisable by a lack of body and bounce. Multiple products offering sun protection can be layered for increased protection including leave-in conditioners, styling and finishing products. Eufor’a Hydration Leave-in Conditioner. Piece Works Defining Paste, Formatte Finishing Creme and Elevate Finishing Spray are the perfect combination of styling products to protect your hair from UV damaged.

6. Speak to your stylist

We know a thing or two about hair – we have plenty of suggestions about the best way to care for your tresses. When you come in for your service, be sure to ask your stylist about any breakage or other hair concerns you might have. We would love to pass on our tips, tricks and hair knowledge so that your locks can stay perfect between appointments.

Here’s to your BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

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