A keratin smoothing treatment is a popular solution to regenerate damaged and chemically treated hair, giving it a straight, smooth, well-nourished and shiny look. Reduce blow dry time, wave goodbye to frizz and expect results to last 2-3 months.

1. Repairs dry and damaged hair – highlighted, coloured or extra dry hair – keratin treatments are proven to give endless and amazing results.

2. Adds amazing shine – Over the years and along with chemical processing, our hair tends to lose its natural shine and health. A keratin treatment helps to keep the hair feeling healthy and looking vibrant.

3. Frizz control – heating or chemically processing the hair can cause it look frizzy and lifeless, a keratin treatment can be a perfect solution to relax and smooth the hair.

4. Provides heat protection – whether it’s seasonal heat or heat from styling tools, keratin isolates the hair and protects it from heat damage.

5. Hair colour protection – As we all know, it can be a challenge to keep your coloured hair looking fresh. A keratin treatment can help that glamorous colour to last longer.

6. Prevent split ends – Unless we trim our hair every other day, we all struggle to reduce split ends, which can sometimes cause our hair to weaken and lose its strength. A Keratin treatment will help prevent those split ends appearing without weakening the hair.

7. Allows for easier brushing and ironing – A keratin treatment will give your hair a lightened feeling and touch, which will make it easier for you to blow dry, brush and style it.

8. Straightens the hair without changing its texture – A keratin treatment usually contains only natural ingredients and does not include a chemical process, therefore it does not break your hair or change its texture.

9. Gives a smooth and silky feel –  there’s no better feeling than silky, shiny and smooth hair.

Are you looking for smoother, straighter hair?

Keratin Smoothing is now available at Feathers from as little as £150. Book a complimentary consultation today!

Keratin Treatment Now Available at Feathers

Are you looking for smoother, straighter hair? Book a complimentary consultation today!

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